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Live 3D measurement of telomere diffusion offers an effective method to investigate Chromatin dynamics.

  • CCCDO is a MATLAB package using ensemble MSD analysis in order to quantify chromatin dynamics.

  • Python code: Trajectory extraction, using localization results of DeepSTORM3D and the raw image sequence in order to reconstruct telomere trajectories, frame-by-frame.

QAFKA (2021)

  • QAFKA is a deep learning based algorithm to estimate protein stoichiometry in cells by observing their blinking kinetics.

  • QAFKA repository contains google a colab notebook and a jupyter notebook for Anaconda.

VIPR is a pixel-wise phase retrieval software for pupil plane reconstruction/design, accompanying the paper B. Ferdman, E. Nehme, L. E. Weiss, R. Orange, O. Alalouf, Y. Shechtman. "VIPR: Vectoral implementation of phase retrieval for fast and accuracte microscopic pixel-wise pupil estimation". Optics Express, 28, 7, 10179-10198 (2020)



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